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The author would like to acknowledge the following people, or the people behind the following technologies/resources:

  • Prof. Stefan Jordan (stefan-jordan.de) for some suggestions and ideas.
  • The DLR for financing this project.
  • The BWT, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, also supporting this project.
  • My institution, ARI/ZAH.
  • Dr. Martin Altmann for providing the Gaia orbit data.
  • Libgdx.
  • libgdx-contribs-postprocessing.
  • HYG catalog.
  • PgsLookAndFeel.
  • Mark Taylor’s STIL library.
  • The Jython Project.
  • ernieyu for the Java Swing range slider.
  • Nick Risinger for the artist’s conception of the Milky Way.
  • Andreas Ressl and Georg Hammershmid for the star glow texture.
  • Tom Patterson (shadedrelief) for some textures.
  • Solar System Scope for some textures (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon).
  • Phil Stooke and Grant Hutchison (site) for some of the textures.
  • David Navas for the simple spaceship model. Cool stuff!
  • Machuca+Arias+Caballero for the music track “Gaia-DR1”.
  • Install4j (multi-platform installer builder), for providing a free open source license.
  • Bitrock’s InstallBuilder for providing a free open source license.
  • And several online resources without which this would have not been possible.

If you think I missed someone, please let me know.